The Yggdrasil tree with Odin standing beside it.

The Yggdrasil tree is a tree on Aldrazar that is considered to be one of the most sacred pieces of plant life in the universe. The tree produces an endless supply of mana, a magical energy that flows throughout the planet, used for a multitude of things ranging from technology to magic conjuration.

The tree also produces Blue Apples, one of the most juicy, sweet, sour and succulent of fruits on Aldrazar, said to contain massive quantities of mana energy and rejuvinate the body and heal it of all sickness and disease. Unfortunately due to the fact that the tree's whereabouts are unknown, the fruits are rare to come across in a marketplace. But if your lucky, you may find some in a church or even in Taverns in the form of fremented or non-fremented beverages.

Some say that the tree is the center of the universe, others say that the Ancients created it with their combined natural magic powers, and some say that the tree existed even before the Ancients came to be.

Even to this day the tree still stands, producing an endless supply of mana and blue apples for the planet each and every day.

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