Name: Wrenn
Age: Unknown
Race: Arcanon
Height: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: N/A
Alignment: True Neutral
Patron deity: None
Crush: None

Wrenn (meaning Wingless in Numenorian) is an Arcanon who left the boundaries of the universe after seeing his brother Mir embark on a quest of universal genocide, now seeking to put a stop to him and save the universe.

Origin Edit

Just like his other Arcanon brethren, he too watched over the universe, yet when his fellow Arcanon Mir left and sought to eradicate all mortal life, his heart grew heavy with fear. He then pleaded his Arcanon brothers to help the mortals, but they refused to intervene.

Disgusted by their stubborn natures, he stripped himself of his immortal status to travel amongst the realms, gathering the support of the greatest of warriors against the coming storm.

Ever since he became known to the people of the dominions and the revelation of the rising threat, Wrenn has become a sort of guide to star travelers everywhere, seeking his wisdom and aid in fighting and destroying Mir.

Personality Edit


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