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The Terran Union is a Corporate plutocracy based economy, a society no longer controlled by government but by corporate interests and wealth.


The Terran Union started off as merely an idea, many corporations believed it to be proposterous should they merge together, but when humanity reached the ability of interstellar space travel, they decided it was necessary in order to pull their resources together to keep the economy and civilians "in check" through the use of poisoning the food/water supply, torture and even worser methods of obedience.

Many people have died due to their inhumane methods of control and eventually a very large number of Terrans were forced to relocate to other planets to flee from this massacre. These people were merely referred to as "The Survivors".

The Terran Union continued their plans to expand their territories and soon discovered they were not alone.

The Zarian Kingdoms was the first to be discovered. A Monocratic society ruled by multiple great kings and lords who are all ruled over by a fierce and strong High King determined to bring peace and order throughout his territories through the rule of an iron fist.

The Terrahyptian State was the second. A Matriarchal society where beauty and grace is highly practiced, giving a great majority of the women there breath taking beauty unlike anything any other mortal has seen.

The Zerg Republic was the third. A society run by a matriarchal council of nine, ruthless and loyal to its people to ensure that the Illithid wars does not happen again.

The Numenorian Empire was the last. A great bastion of civilization inhabited and forged by the immortals of the universe, whom are all ruled by a great and powerful emperess whose solemn goal is to carry on the will of its once great emperor and bring peace and order to the universe.

seeing great potential in these great civilizations, the Union acted fast to invade these worlds with the help of their new weapon Omega.

Four races, torn apart by four great wars. Soon these societies were on the brink of destruction.

Until a new faction erupted from the chaos...

The Eden Alliance. A society of the survivors of the Union's massacre, now revolutionaries seeking to put an end to the Union, led by a single man, a man said to be destined to step forth and end this conflicts forever, a champion to carry the torchlight in their darkest hour and take back their homeworld.

Trivia Edit

  • the symbol of the Terran Union is supposed to be a pillar that represents that they hold up the structure, order and overall society of Terra.

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