Terrahypt Resistance

The insignia of the Resistance

The Terrahypt Resistance is a rebel military force founded by Richter Jensen to liberate Terrahypt and put a stop to the Cyrathesian forces and Tri G once and for all.


The resistance began as a few small protests planned by Richter himself to send a message to the Cyrathesian forces, but was really a way to spark a revolution. The protests grew and grew into large mobs, outnumbering some of the stationed squads in the rural areas. This eventually led to Admiral Argos to order them to fire upon the crowds. This was the Resistance's signal to begin the uprising. The end result was the beginning of the Cyrathesian Wars.


The Resistance continued to liberate certain areas of Terrahypt thus causing alot of trouble back in The Sanctuary. This forced Arklight to take desparate measures and began creating the other Cyrathesian types.

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