Richter Jensen

Name: Richter Jensen

Age: Best estimate - 600 (true age unknown)
Race: Celtion (cybernetically enhanced)
Height: 6'1
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Derelict Celtion ship
Class: Gunner
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: None
Crush: Unknown

Richter is the leader of the Terrahypt Resistance and the sole male Celtion on Terrahypt who currently resides in the Citadel with the Abyathni Ceiphians. He is considered to be a legendary war hero on Terrahypt due to his involvement in the Cyrathesian wars.

Origin Edit

Pending Revision

Richter's past has always been a mystery to people all across Terrahypt and to himself as well. At times he would go out of his way to travel from one end of Terrahypt to The Spire ignoring the warnings that people tell him should he be too nosy.

Richter can only remember his past in flashes, but are still of no use to him. The only thing he can remember is a battlefield against an unknown enemy, then an explosion before everything faded to black.

He woke up on a table in an empty room with his body fitted with cybernetic augmentations and genetic enhancements as well, he looked for anyone that might help him, but the only thing he saw was a mirror showing the man he had become. Out of anger he punched the mirror not wanting to see what he now was only to realize it was a one way window showing an empty surveillance room.

He looked around for an exit noticing a door in the surveillance room before climbing through and going through the door which opened into a hallway of doors all labeled with different numbers. He traveled the entire complex searching for a way out, eventually he finds an automatic door, but it was unable to open. He looked to the side panel and with all his engineering skills, he wired the keypad and the door opened. Light spewed in from outside filling the room with natural light from Terrahypt's sun. He ran out to find himself outside of a massive derelict ship that doesn't appear to be made by anyone of Terrahypt.

He looked at his surroundings as he descended from the ship's ramp ignoring the fact that he was completely naked. He found himself in Terrahypt's mysterious forest which seemed to go on for miles as he traversed it. After hours of walking, he lied down against one of the trees to rest his head. Hours pass as he slumbered but was then awoken by the sound of jet engines roaring as he looked up to see a ship landing right in front of him.

He watched as the ship's landing gear touched the ground and saw a figure descend from a lift under the ship only to see Loicizua step out along with 2 others to come to his aid. "Come with us, well help you." She said to him outstretching a hand to help him up. Not sure of what to do he went with them hoping for the best.

Richter later found himself in the city of Levithan where he decided to settle before eventually relocating to the Citadel to live among the Ceiphians. Years later when the chaos began, Richter was forced to start a resistance against Arklight and his army of Cyrathesian soldiers to once and for all free Terrahypt from the tyranical grip of Gemini Genesis Gamma.

Personality and personal life Edit

Richter spends most of his time as a weapon smith and armorer and sell the merchandise he makes to people in Levithan. Sometimes he would talk to Loicizua, the woman who saved him to get to know her better and create a bond between the two. Richter would also employ himself as a mercenary to get a few extra Estos on the side.

Richter is sometimes approached by many Ceiphians everywhere and is given alot of respect and attention and treat him as if he were one of their own. It is the high possibility that he wields the power to control Archium energy which is only given to Thilians.

During the war, Richter's most formidable enemy was the Admiral of the Cyrathesian forces Argos who acted as leader of the armies in Arklight's absence.

Cyrathesian warsEdit

During his involvement in the battle to free Terrahypt from Tri G, Richter has managed to create many grade A weapons to aid the resistance in the war.

one of the most prominent is his mech the Artemis which soon met its match when it came face to face with Argos' mech the Tartarus.

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