Reavers are unholy crusaders who fights in the name of his/her dark deity and does whatever his/her code of honor leads him/her to do. Reavers are also known to draw upon the arcane energies of their deity and channel it into unholy magic. All Reavers are expected to be examples of tyranny and absolute control in the realms and thus scorn the divinity and sacredness of Centurions.


Reavers are symbols of all that is impure and corrupt and will often go out of their way to purge all purity they come upon within their code given to them by their god. A Reaver's deity gives him/her special abilities known as "prayers" to aid them in their travels and to purge the world of all good.

Just like Centurions, Reavers are human only. Though it is possible to find Reavers of other races but are extremely rare and those specific Reavers are often referred to as "the worthy".

Attributes and Stats

HP: 1d8+2x10

Prime Requisite: Charisma, Wisdom

Bonuses: Gains a +2 to Spellcraft, Concentration and +3 to Heal and Intimidation

Weapons: any

Armor: any

Shields: any

Racial limitations: Human only (roll 1d10 and 1d10%variant for non human races and must get 15% or lower)

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 2550

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