Prince Ranatosk

Name: Ranatosk Gladriem

Age: Unknown
Race: Immortal
Height: 6'4 inches
Birthdate: 200,000BR
Birthplace: Unknown (assumed to be on a space cruiser)
Class: Defender
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Ragna
Crush: Unknown

Ranatosk is the firstborn of the immortal family and one of the rightful inheritors to the throne of Elveron. Being the prince of the Numenorian empire, he has devoted his life to follow in his father's footsteps to bring peace and order to Aldrazar.

Ranatosk has 2 brothers named Haldrius and Remiel.


Ranatosk was the first naturally born Numenorian to exist. During the time of his birth, Elveron thought of the many names of different "Houses" to put him in. In the end, he decided on the name "Gladriem", which translated into "Guardian" in Human tongue. (The name Ranatosk however has no meaning, it is merely a Numenorian name)

Ranatosk grew up learning about the wonders and splendor of the universe and what Ragna made them for and was trained in the path of the Defender by his mentor and caretaker Alagon Krazer. Over the years he grew and grew into a great and powerful prince, worthy to sit on the throne of the empire. However, the life once knew would come to an end at the beginning of the war against Argilion. Ranatosk fought valiantly side by side with his father, only to see him slain by Argilion himself.

"At that moment, when all hope seemed lost, it was there that Ranatosk Gladriem son of the king took up his father's sword." -Dungeon Master

Elveron took up the blade and soon he found himself fighting Argilion himself. In the end however, Ranatosk was victorious. The death of the dark general could be felt throughout Aldrazar, deprived of his influence, the dark forces faltered, the siege was soon turned. The toll of the battle was high, but the empire would not be consumed by grief or regret, with their determination and will to go on, the empire would rebuild and move forward.

With Ragna's help, the last standing city was made into the last retreat of the Numenorians on Aldrazar who wished to stay and watch over the planet while others stripped the entire world of their technology and left to the other worlds.

Ranatosk and his mentor Alagon sealed themselves into 2 individual runes until they were needed again.


Ranatosk is very regal and proper when acting towards others, very common for people of his stature. Though when in battle, his demanor changes to a fierce and relentless one making him seem like an entirely different person.

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