Name: Mir
Age: Unknown
Race: Arcanon
Height: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Patron deity: None
Crush: None

"I now realize the truth of mortals. They could stand for good like any angel in the Seven Heavens, or they can enact evil worthy of the omnipotent Asmodeus. The power of such free choice should not rest in the hearts of beings who are here for an instant, then like the smallest fire, flicker and die."


Mir (meaning Madness in Numenorian) is an Arcanon who has left the boundaries of the universe, now seen as an outcast to his own kind due to him leaving their side.


Just like his other Arcanon brethren, he too watched over the universe, seeing each civilization evolve and flourish, yet he was the only one who was troubled by the ones that fell and crumbled before being forgotten. It was during this time that he searched for the answer behind the cycles. He eventually found his answer, but it was not what he desired. He came to realize that mortals are meaningless, that eventually everyone and everything fades away into nothing, the very same as the vast civilizations he watched over suffer the same fate.

He realized that all paths lead to death.

Now believing mortals to be inferior, he left his immortal brethren behind and embarked on a quest for mass genocide across the universe, feeling that only those who are immortal have a true place and purpose in the Prime.

He would later create his own military force known as Exterminators to aid him in this matter due to his omnipotent power being taken from him.



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