Mages (also known as Wizards) are masters of the arcane and are considered to be wise and powerful spellcasters on Aldrazar.


Mages are well known to be scholars and teachers who study endlessly about the arcane arts. Though some mages decide on studying a certain school of magic to better improve their efficiency at using that type of magic. Unfortunately this also makes them less efficient at spells that are outside their school of magic.

A list of the spell schools can be found here.

Attributes and Stats

HP: 1d4

Prime Requisite: Intelligence, Wisdom.

Bonuses: Gains a +4 to lore and a +2 to Spellcraft.

Weapons: Daggers, Staffs, L. Crossbow, Dart.

Armor: None

Shields: None

Racial limitations: any (except Dwarves and Grunge Elves)

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 2,400


Meditation - The Mage goes into a meditative state which allows him/her to intensify the power of their magic, giving their spells a +1d6xLVL bonus to hit the target. (Concentration skill cannot be used when using this Technique) -20 TP.

Mana Field - If any spell is rolled on a critical, the desired spell will create a 10ft. radius field of mana energy, allowing anyone within the field to gain +5 to all attacks. (Enemies can also use these fields, so you better push them out of them)

Limit Breakers

Indignation - The Mage calls upon the thunder of the gods and brings down massive thunder bolts from the sky which hits anything within a 15ft.radius and dealing 1d20xLVL points of thunder damage to all enemies within it. (Example)

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