MAGUS 8.1-Bolt

The MAGUS 8.1-Bolt (or simply MAGUS for short) is a 50. Custom Semi/Full-auto SMG created by Nathan Caudill. The gun is lightweight, extremely durable and has a high capacity of 50 rounds per clip when it comes to ammunition.

This gun was made using Terran technology as well as Zerg technology. This gun is the only weapon in the Eden Alliance arsenal to also be able to be more customized than the standard issue weapons used by the soldiers, having different slots and joints used for scopes, stocks, silencers and much more.

The gun is capable of altering the physical molecular structure of any bullet caliber type into a 50. round should 50. bullets be scarce.

This gun has 4 different settings:

  • Semi-Automatic: This mode enables the MAGUS to be used as a handgun, sniper rifle or any other single shot weapon.
  • Automatic: Enables the MAGUS to be used as any other rapid fire type weapon.
  • Spread: Enables the MAGUS to fire up to 5 rounds at the same time (works similarly to a shotgun).
  • Burst: Enables the MAGUS to fire 3 rounds at once like any other burst type weapon.

Example of its firing sound

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