Lepers are knights who have been afflicted with the plague commonly known as Dying Flesh. This has caused the knight to develop thanatophobia.

Due to being more connected to their own mortality, Lepers have become more relying on their own merit instead of relying more on his/her companions to ensure they remain valiant and strong as long as they still draw breath.

Due to their deformed appearance, Lepers often wear helmets that conceal their entire face except their eyes and wear clothing that covers their entire body as well as bandages over their afflicted areas. This also prevents possible infection or spread of the disease.


Class: Fighter

Alignment: Any Lawful

Ability scores: Must have a 10 Strength, 13 Intelligence and 13 Constitution or higher.

Skills: Heal 3, Diplomacy 2, Disarm device 1, Pick lock 1, Search 1.

Feats: Self sufficient, Blind fight, Dodge, Toughness, Combat expertise.

Other: Must be afflicted with the disease Dying Flesh to take this prestige class. While afflicted, the Leper gains +2 to all dice rolls. The PC loses this prestige class and all skills and feats associated with it if cured of the disease.

The Leper must also treat his/her own afflicted areas or suffer a -2 permenant penalty to HP. The penalty is increased by 2 if the Leper remains untreated for 2 days and so forth. Treatment utilizes the Heal skill. (the Leper is not cured of the disease if treated)


(These abilities are prestige class exclusive and can be purchased when leveling up)

Solemnity (Combat feat): The Leper takes a moment to meditate for 1 combat round allowing him/her to heal 1d4xLVL hit points. -5 TP

Backhand (Combat feat): The Leper does an uppercut strike with the hilt of his/her weapon causing 1d6+Dam bonus points of damage and knocking the enemy back 2d4 ft. -8 TP

Hew (Combat feat): The Leper swings his/her weapon in a wider range hitting 2 adjacent enemies within 2 ft. of each other instead of 1. -8 TP


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