Name: Lazarus

Age: Unknown
Race: Kybrothilian (former Astral Cyrathilian)
Height: Variable (usually 46'9")
Birthdate: 3098UG
Birthplace: Terrahypt
Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity: None

"If you love these people, you can watch them die!"

-Lazarus addressing Astralius

Lazarus is the only Kybrothilian with male features. Having been killed by Aeon, he was resurrected by Tyg herself, but went through a supernatural change resurrecting him as a Kybrothilian instead of an Astral due to Aeon's attempt to absorb his essence.


Lazarus is one of the many sons of Lucius, however unlike his father in his early years before his banishment, he chose to be more of a sweet and caring person who helped others in need. During the war against Aeon however, he was killed by a Sentinel only to be resurrected as a Kybrothilian.

believing himself to be a monster, he turned against his own kin believing that he himself was betrayed to the Sentinels and was cursed by the gods to walk Terrahypt as an accursed Astral.


Lazarus is a very malicious and selfish individual, believing that nothing but his own personal goals matter to him.

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