Ingress Unity

The Ingress are a race of sentient robots whose creators are said to be the Edenians. Originally made to be an automated work force, they eventually gained sentience and were quickly accepted into Edenian society as individual people with rights of their own. Sometime after the destruction of their masters by The Profound Darkness, the Ingress created a matriarchal leader known as The Motherboard from the collected knowledge and archives of their masters to have someone to guide them in the absence of their Edenian masters.


The Ingress have adopted the cultural norms of their former masters, believing in mutual benefits and acting towards goals for the common good. Despite their communist-like ideals, they are still capable of feeling and understanding emotions and do all they can to help others if need be.

Abilities (Ragna)


  • Metal exoskeleton (+2 natural AC)
  • Immunity: All mind based magic. (can only be mentally affected by "Viruses" or enemy Hackers)
  • Immunity: All organic based poisons and diseases. (can only be affected by "Viruses")
  • -5 AC and x3 damage taken vs Electrical/EMP attacks.
  • +3 AC vs Non-sentient synthetic enemies.
  • Darkvision

Languages: Human, Binary and Edenian. Depending on bonus to intelligence, an Ingress may learn that many new languages.

Neural net: The Ingress has the ability to use his/her CPU to hack even the toughest mainframes, allowing one easier access when opening computer locked doors or containers. (this ability can be improved once every 4 levels and utilizes the Pick Lock skill)

  1. Civilian CPU (+2 to hacking)
  2. Militia CPU (+4 to hacking)
  3. Science CPU (+6 to hacking)
  4. Corporate CPU (+8 to hacking)

MAX. Master CPU (+10 to hacking)

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