An Illithid Engineer.

Illithids are a race of bipedal cephalopods with powerful mental abilities. To this day they are regarded as either being abominations due to their Mind Flayer cousins and in some cases being good and innocent people due to their involvement in the Republic Civil war.


Illithid society is ruled over by a matriarch or queen, much of the society is made up of scientists, engineers and artists, making the race a nomadic and cultured one.


Illithids have internal organs and such similar to that of an octopus or squid, however their waste is secreted similarly to that of a human. They have an omnivore diet as well unlike their Mind Flayer cousins who only feed on grey matter.

Their brains are somewhat similar to a Telaran's, but does not house a mana gland in their cerebral cortex, instead they simply have higher mental capacity allowing them to retain more knowledge than most individuals.

Abilities (Ragna)


  • Strong mind. (+3 to Will saving throws vs mind based attacks)
  • Frail (Take +1 damage vs physical attacks)
  • Strong focus. (-3xLVL to enemy saving throws for all status based magic)*
  • Thin frame. (+1 to Dexterity)

Languages: Human and Illithid. Depending on bonus to intelligence, an Illithid may learn that many new languages.

Telepathy: The Illithid is able to communicate to others with his/her mind instead of requiring a communication device, although it becomes more difficult the farther away the target becomes. (the threshold can be increased every 4 levels)

  1. 10m. in diameter
  2. 20m. in diameter
  3. 40m. in diameter
  4. 80m. in diameter

MAX. 160m. in diameter

*(can only be used if the Illithid is a spellcasting class)

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