Name: Elvyron

Age: Unknown
Race: Edmyron Clone
Height: 6'1 Inches
Birthdate: 3025UG
Birthplace: Terrahypt
Class: Wanderer
Alignment: Chaotic Good (Formerly Chaotic Neutral)
Patron Deity: None
Crush: None

Elvyron is a clone made from both Robin and Alia's DNA as a test to see if the DNA strands would connect after Arklight's painful attempt to connect Human and Thilian DNA. The result was him, a male Edmyron clone. Meant as a throwaway, Tri G threw him out of the nearest airlock and sent him falling towards Terrahypt. His body plummeted towards the crater at the center of Terrahypt, landed and absorbed the Archium radiation not only healing him, but imbuing him with Archium based powers.

Now he wanders Terrahypt looking for the answers he seeks and carving his own destiny.

Beast Elveron

Elvyron in his beast form.


Elvyron carries the same powers as Alia whenever she is in danger, but instead acts different within Elvyron, making him go berserk instead of having a guardian burst out of him to protect him. Elvyron goes through a metamorphosis in which his body transforms into a beast-like version of himself allowing him to fight off anything that threatens to kill him.


  • His name is an allusion to the Edmyron race.