Eden Alliance
The Eden Alliance is a dominion that rose up in 4050 UG during the time of the Terran Union's conquests against the other dominions which started in 4020 UG. The Alliance is mostly composed of Terran refugees known simply as "The Survivors" who have escaped the Union and have been living a more peaceful and independent life, but eventually took up arms with the help of The Child of Eden who founded the Alliance when they realized the possible impending threat of the Union, fearing that they would be the next dominion under siege.

The Child believed that it was time to stop running, believing that together they can retake their home world and restore order to the tyranny driven system just as the founding fathers did with America during the 28th age.

Information (Ragna)

Terran Alliance sigil

The new symbol of the Terran Alliance, with the "E.A." initials taken out of it to represent their victory against the Union and uniting the Terran race.

The Terran Union merged with the Alliance at the end of the Terran civil war, signifying the success in liberating Terra and thus ending the war, changing it's name to the Terran Alliance.

Homeworld: Terra

Political leader: The Overseer

Government: Democratic Republic


Population: 1,320,625,000,000 (spans multiple star systems)

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