Name: Delphie

Age: Unknown
Race: Athnian Ceiphian
Height: 5'2"
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Terrahypt
Class: Mage
Alignment: Neutral good
Patron Deity: Tyg
Crush: Nathan Caudill

Delphie is a member of the Abyathni clan of Ceiphians well known for being the first of The Companions.


Delphie was born just like all other Abyathni Ceiphians in the Citadel, where she was trained in the art of Archium manipulation as well as using her ample breasts for the benefit of the clan, selling the milk within them to different food companies just like the rest of her kind.

Delphie however was an odd individual. Rather than spend most of her time around her own kin, she spent it with Terrahyptians, making her act more human than Ceiphian, preferring to speak rather than "Snf" like the others. In the end however, the others of her kind simply let it go and let her do as she wished.

One day, she spotted a massive fireball in the sky heading for the surface of Terrahypt. She dismissed it as a simple meteor after spotting it going into the Desolate plains and went on with her duties. Later on however, she came across a still burning hot shard of Mithril that looked like it came from the hull of a ship, making her realize the fireball was a crashing ship after noticing the metal is not of Terrahypt. She immediately made a call to the Locusts to have someone go and investigate the crash.

Later on, she overheard that the pilot was alive, but wounded from the crash. She noticed them bring in the man on a stretcher with a bleeding puncture wound in his left leg. As they took him in, she followed but was then blocked by security assuring her that he will be okay.

After returning home, she received good news that the man has emerged from the hospital fully recovered. She let out a sigh of relief after hearing of him.

During one of her usual strolls through Loucreas, Levithan and many other cities she visits, she heard the sound of gunfire in the distance. Quickly she ran to the source to investigate before spotting Hoverbike TPD officers chasing and firing upon a man who was also returning fire while riding a hoverbike. Believing that the TPD will catch him, she chalked it up to a simple traffic chase.

She later found the same man hiding in her citadel room and immediately attempted to call for help before he restrained her. Despite her struggles, she could not break free from him and relented, deciding he can hide in her quarters for now before he has to leave. During that time, she asked the man who he was and why he's wanted by the police. The man willingly told her everything she wanted to hear.

The man explained that his homeworld is in danger and that he requires any technology and data he can get to be able to gather the resources and strength necessary to take it back. He explains that he took multiple different data for schematics of weapons and armor from The Tulabas' data network.

The man got up to look out the window before stating that his family died due to him leaving, believing it to be his fault that they died. Delphie got up to comfort the man telling him that he wouldn't have known that such a thing would happen. "You shouldn't blame yourself for these things, you couldn't have known." she said to him before hugging his arm.

The man looked down at her and smiled before accepting her hug. "How long until I need to leave again?" he said. Delphie looked up at him. "You may stay here as long as you wish. My sisters and I will see to it you are catered to and kept safe here at the citadel."

"Thank you" was the only words that came out of his mouth.

Over the weeks, the man continued to stay at the citadel until he was given his very own room. He then made it his own private headquarters where he would conduct plans to retrieve a certain piece of valuable combat data or schematics for weapons and armor. Delphie accompanied him in his mission to save his planet and over time they began to develop feelings for each other.

Delphie eventually confessed her feelings for him telling him that she loved him for a long time. "I love you, and I want to be with you forever." The man had a look of awe on his face before it turned into a smile and said, "Ive had feelings for you too Delphie, I was just too afraid to show it." he removed the Xermodaphite vial from his belt and eyed it. "Looks like my quest, has come to an end." He smashed it on the floor before running over to her to embrace her.

Delphie then became the first of The Companions.


Delphie is a very cheerful and somewhat shy individual who is not afraid to help someone in need. At times she can be seen playing with a group of Snarks, picking flowers, eating fruits or even breastfeeding infants.


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