Chelsea Bluescale

Name: Chelsea Bluescale

Age: 24
Race: Draconian
Height: 6'8 inches
Birthdate: 1018AR - 1218UG
Birthplace: Faerun
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Chaotic good
Patron Deity: None
Crush: Guy Elron

Chelsea was a Draconian commoner who is one of the few remaining survivors of a siege on her home village located not too far from Rivergulf which was orchestrated by the Black Cloak Syndicate, she was considered the eye candy of the village, having the perfect looks for a female of her race. Many have tried to flirt and date her, but she always played hard to get. In reality, she wanted someone special that would accompany her till the end.

Backstory Edit

Chelsea hailed from a family of farmers, merchants and smiths. She was taught to cook and clean while her brothers and her father went out to harvest, hunt and smith.

During her time at home, she began to grow an interest in the arts of the Warlock, so after much asking and searching, she finally found a good teacher whom taught her the ways of the sword and the mystic.

By the time she was 18, she was ready to finally be able to adventure on her own. With her pack slung around her and her sword on her belt, she set off to find fame and fortune wherever she would look. But then something went through her mind, she thought she could do a little chore for the family before she left. So she went into the forest to go hunting to bring back to her family some big game, only to find the village in flames.

She quickly rushed to her home to see her mother being brutally raped and her brothers being mutilated. Drawing her sword, she dispatched the people defiling her mother ignoring her brothers seeing that they're already dead. As she killed them, she noticed a strange symbol they wore on their armor. She quickly rushed over to her mother's side to help her to safety. She then asked one of the dying assassins forcefully where her father was only to see that he wasn't going to comply. After he died, she quickly looked around for her father only to find him standing in the middle of the burning village. She quickly rushed to his side but then stopped to notice that something wasn't right. After she stopped, he dropped to the ground dead revealing The Shadow standing before her. She quickly charged at him, but he disappeared in a big puff of black smoke leaving behind an echoing sinister laugh.

She quickly ran to her father's side only to find out she was too late. Picking him up in her arms, she carried his blood soaked body out of the burning village and to her mother whom is still dressed in her ripped clothing revealing her naked body. After her mother saw her husband's body, she dropped to her knees hugging him while weeping, shouting why someone would want to do this to them, why they were victims to evil. Now fueled with anger and rage, Chelsea set out on a quest to find The Shadow and put an end to the Black Cloak Syndicate.

Personality Edit

Other than her anger for the BCS, she is considered a sweetheart to men everywhere, many men across Aldrazar have fallen for her looks and have done everything they can to win her heart. But unfortunately she played hard to get towards men everywhere, both disappointing some and smashing the hearts of others, but she makes that up with a small kiss on the cheek or a hug to make them feel better.

Personal Note: Even I fell for her and shes my own character. *chuckles* Pure irony!


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