Ceiphians are humanlike Thilians. They posess no fur on their body except for on the tops of their head. Their ancestry dates back to the Yluxa event, where, amongst all the mutated offspring, the first Ceiphian emerged. Sey, who was the first Ceiphian, was found in a town that was close to Yluxa immediately after it had gotten re-established.

The Thilian organs of the Ceiphians are different in their abilities, the most prominent is that they cannot spew fire like Celestial Thilians (Cyrathilians, Kybrothilians and regular Thilians). Their Bukula have recieved a fascinating ability to taste the food in their tummy. This have given the Ceiphians a habit to swallow their food whole and then much on it when it's in their belly.

(See also:Lifecycle)

Below is a list of different types of Ceiphians:




Astralians (though highly unlikely, some people believed them to be another Ceiphian subtype)

Notable Ceiphians on Terrahypt






Abilities (Ragna)

In terms of appearance, this is the female variant of the Astralian race.

Summary of of Ceiphian Racial abilities:


  • +3 Fortitude vs poison and disease. (Spatia organ)
  • +5 resistance vs Archium attacks.
  • Immunity: Archium magnetic field.
  • Breast milk: Can heal 1d6xLVL points of damage. (only usable 3 times a day)


  • +5 Fortitude vs physical based status attacks. (Knockdown, Disarm, Called shot, etc.)
  • +3 Strength
  • -2 Dexterity.


  • +5 Will vs arcane debilitating attacks.
  • +3 Intelligence.
  • -3 Strength.


  • +5 Reflex vs physical based status attacks.
  • +2 Dexterity.
  • -2 Intelligence

Mist Ceiphian (Rare)

  • +5 Wit vs physical attacks.
  • +2 Dexterity.
  • -2 Strength

Languages: Human and Snfversation*. Depending on bonus to Intelligence, a Ceiphian may learn that many new languages.

Movement rate: 120ft.


Note: this race was originally created by wikia user: Dutvutan

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