Orc Brawler

Brawlers are Fighters who have decided to cast off the use of cold steel blades or hard iron axes and resort to their natural weapons the gods had given them. When it comes to combat, Brawlers are extremely resourceful, using whatever they can find lying around them as a weapon along side their true chosen weapons: their fists.

Brawlers are sometimes referred to as "Tavern Wreckers" due to their combat prowess usually spurning from bar room brawls and are at certain times looked down upon by tavern owners everywhere.

Requirements Edit

Class: Fighter

Alignment: Any non Lawful

Ability scores: Must have a 10 Strength, 12 Dexterity and 14 Constitution or higher.

Skills: Taunt 4, Intimidate 4, Bluff 5, Heal 2.

Feats: Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike, Called Shot, Weapon Proficiency: Improvised, Dirty Fighting

Other: Gauntlets now add an additional +3 damage when worn by a Brawler.

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