The logo of ATLAS Corp.

"Atlas Corp. Building a better tomorrow." -Atlas' motto being quoted by Atrus Theoreim

Atlas is a corporation based in the Zarian Kingdoms that specializes in technology, weaponry and even every day appliances. The Headquarters of Atlas is located somewhere in the west areas of Avelice near The Touching tip. The current CEO of the corporation is Atrus Theoreim.


Atlas Corp. was originally founded in the year 2186AR as a means to supply adventurers with the finest armaments. One of their most famous products being the Centurion battle armor, as well as the Shield Golem, a personal golem used as a bodyguard to protect its owner from harm.

Over the course of of the years, Atlas evolved into a multi billion Drake company spanning across many planets in Zarian space.

Present dayEdit

Currently Atlas now creates a massive line of space cruisers, warships, space colonies, freighters and even one man shuttles. The company produces very few weapons and armaments however, seeing that there has been no conflict on the planet for the last 3000 years.

The company is also the creator of Robin's ship The Ragnarok.

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