The Astralians (also known as Seraph Ceiphians) are a race of Thilian humanoids that are direct descendants of the Astrals. Similar to their Astral kin, they look like the male equivalent of Ceiphians.


Just like the Astrals, they are unable to use their stomaches as a womb and can only use it to dijest food. They are capable of also growing facial hair and a muscular physique allowing them to be better identified among the Ceiphians. Just like the Astrals, they too have a Lytvexia which they use to mate with Ceiphians and unlike the Astrals, they are capable of reproducing with all types of Ceiphian subtypes which in turn creates different types of Astralians who specialize in different things.

Layeesian = Mystics - These Astralians have stronger minds and are capable of harnessing the power of archium more efficiently than their other bretheren.

Athnian = Berserkers - These Astralians have developed stronger muscles and are capable of developing twice as much Kurgen as their other bretheren.

Egniphian = Tribals - These Astralians have stronger reflexes, allowing them to attempt feats of agility better than their other bretheren.

Mist Ceiphian = Nomads - Despite being a rare breed, these Astralians have inherited the touch senses of their mothers allowing them to feel air fluctuations and can detect anything within a 20 meter radius allowing them to predict the movements of anything within their sensing range.

Unlike Ceiphians, Astralians have taste buds on their tongue which leads them to chew their food instead of swallowing it whole, this of course leads to uncomfortable gas build ups which make them need to burp up the gasses to relieve themselves of discomfort in their bellies.


The creation of the Astralians is actually an accident. After Astralius fed on a large forest which stripped the area of trees, he then decided to reforest the area and spewed his sprygin on to the fields to grow more trees. One of the Sprygin landed in a lake and fed on nothing but minerals and nutrients within the water allowing the Sprygin to live long enough to be born mutated, taking on more human characteristics.

The infant was found by a group of Athnian Ceiphians who were camping in the area. They took the baby back to the Citadel and raised it as one of their own.

This baby would later become The Elder One and would later create many Astralian children and found the religion that would involve worshipping the Astrals as their gods known as The Golden Fayth.

Abilities (Ragna)

In terms of appearance, this is the male variant of the Ceiphian race.

Summary of of Astralian Racial abilities:


  • +3 Fortitude vs poison and disease. (Spatia organ)
  • Immunity: Archium magnetic field.
  • +1 Natural AC


  • +5 Fortitude vs physical based status attacks. (Knockdown, Disarm, Called shot, etc.)
  • +3 Strength
  • -2 Dexterity.


  • +5 Will vs arcane debilitating attacks.
  • +3 Intelligence.
  • -3 Strength.


  • +5 Reflex vs physical based status attacks.
  • +2 Dexterity.
  • -2 Intelligence

Nomad (Rare)

  • +5 Wit vs physical attacks.
  • +2 Dexterity.
  • -2 Strength

Languages: Human and Snfversation*. Depending on bonus to Intelligence, an Astralian may learn that many new languages.

Movement rate: 120ft.


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