A depiction of an Arcanon

"You have gone too far, Turn back now."

-the Arcanon addressing the Child of Eden.

The Arcanon (Ar-kay-nun) are an ancient race that are said to have existed even before the known universe. Some say they created the Cytonians and helped Cythas create the element Archium in secret as well as creating the 2 great forces of the universe during the Great Conjunction.

However, due to their mysterious nature, these theories are highly considered to be false.

Their name derives from the Numenorian translation of "Enigma".


The Arcanon's origin has always remained a mystery, forever unable to be uncovered and forever to be an enigma.

Though it is speculated that they are merely watchers of the universe, seeing all life evolve over many cycles as they lie in the shadows, only to emerge when they are needed.

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