Albus Jones

Name: Albus Jones

Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 6'2 Inches
Birthdate: 1051AR - 1123UG
Birthplace: Avelice
Class: Pirate
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Faithless (though he uses Torm's teachings as guidelines)
Crush: Unknown

Albus Jones is the son of Robin Jones and the only known descendant of the Jones bloodline who survived. After the final wars however, Robin Jones disappeared leaving Albus all alone to fend for himself.



Believing his father to have died in the war, Albus grew up in the care of Nickar Oltar an esteemed mage who fought by Robin's side. Nickar never told Albus the truth behind his lineage, only that his father fought valiantly in the war and without him, Aldrazar would fall.

Over time, Albus gained more and more curiosity for what lies beyond the heavens, wondering if there are other worlds like this. So after years of training in the arts of war, Albus set off to find a way to go into space with Nickar by his side. (mainly due to having been asked to come along on his quest)

He would eventually find what he desired in the form of a Spelljammer ship. Using his father's riches that he inherited, he bought one and named it the Calensia in memory of his mother who died in the war.

Unsure of what lies beyond, Albus gathered a group of adventurers to accompany him with the help of Nickar:

  • Tandem the Spoony*- A quirky Bard well known for his many misadventures and epic tales, has had many novels and children's books written in his name.
  • Orin Ironskin - The king and founder of the Ironskin clan of Dwarves, a legendary hero who endured the many tests given to him by the gods themselves and emerged victorious and was gifted the Collar of Ironskin which gave him his surname.

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